OneMint hits the shelves!

You may have already met them if you placed orders on our shop this summer... Who are they? These are the newcomers to the One universe: OneMint tablets! Complementary to OneGum chewing gum, OneMint brings another way to benefit from a boost.

Because we can't always chew (in meetings, during private training or because we don't like it), OneMint delivers energizing technology in a suitable tablet format.

The characteristics of the pellets:

  • Each OneMint contains 10mg of caffeine
  • Lozenges enriched with vitamins C, B3 and B6
  • Natural mint flavor
  • Without sugars and without taurine

With less caffeine than OneGum (5 OneMint = 1 coffee), you can safely consume several in a row in the morning or after lunch!

Already available for purchase on our shop , they are now also present in Franprix stores, alongside their "big brother" OneGum chewing gum! And if you don't see them, don't hesitate to ask for them in store 😊

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