OneGum or OneMint pack

Energy gum for an instant boost ⚡️

OneGum or OneMint pack

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Discover OneGum, the energising chewing gum of athletes 

OneGum combines the boosting power of caffeine with the energising effect of B vitamins in extra-fresh mint-flavoured chewing gum, free of sugars and aspartame, taurine, nanoparticles and titanium dioxide (E171).

You can also go for our OneMint

Enriched with vitamin C and caffeine, these energising mints will accompany you during your sessions at the gym, your meetings, your sports training sessions or your exams. With a lower caffeine content than OneGum, OneMint can be consumed at any time of the day.

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    OneGum or OneMint pack

    Les avantages OneGum or OneMint pack

    ☕️ Energy boost
    Every OneGum contains 50mg of caffeine, the equivalent of a cup of coffee
    💊 B Vitamins
    25% of RDA in each chewing gum
    👌 Only the best
    Sugar free and taurine free, to give you the best
    ⏰ Instant effect
    In 5 minutes, all the energy you need

    The practical, portable dose of energy




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    Need an instant energy boost?

    Pourquoi OneGum or OneMint pack ?

    OneGum or OneMint pack est votre partenaire idéal pour toutes les situations exigeantes !

    Que vous soyez sportif amateur ou régulier ou bien gamer assidu, que vous passiez de longues journées à travailler ou au volant, ou que vous vous apprêtiez à rentrer dans la vie active, OneGum or OneMint pack a été créé rien que pour vous !